Why Use a Pedometer?

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Why use a pedometer? With the huge array of exercise equipment out there some might ask, “Why do I need a pedometer”? Is it not enough that I am walking or running?

Are there any real benefits to using a pedometer?

Dr. Lawrence Morehouse was a researcher in the field of exercise. Dr. Morehouse developed fitness programs for the US Army, Nasa, the list is endless of his accomplishments and achievements in the field of exercise.

His most notable achievement was the concept that to improve physical fitness you must exert your body to the point that it does raises your pulse. This is common knowledge in exercise and fitness today. Today we are constantly bombarded with information. For example, ” you must exercise your heart (cardio exercise) for 10 to 20 minutes to get a cardio benefit.”

This is the concept that Dr. Morehouse developed.

Your pulse needs to quicken but if too fast it can lead to cardio failure. There is an optimum range for anyone seeking physical fitness and cardio improvement.

When Dr. Morehouse introduced this concept, along with his other concepts, they were considered very controversial. Today they are generally accepted to be common knowledge.

Another concept he is famous for is that if in your exercise program you are not increasing, either speed, distance or exertion, in a walking /running program, you are not improving. Even to the point that if a person walks a mile, five times a week for a year, but never quickens their pulse, they will be out of shape.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Realize, not once during the year did they raise/quickened their pulse. How could they possibly be in shape? When did they get a cardio workout? They did not, not once during the entire year.

The use of a pedometer is essential for any walking/running program.

Knowing now that your distances and speeds must elevate during the course of a year shows that yes you do need to have some sort of record keeping system if you are really seriously attempting to stay in shape.

Omron PedometerThe Omron-HJ-720ITC Pocket PC version pedometer is a high quality piece of equipment that is suited for anyone, professional or otherwise.

It has a USB connection for easy connecting to a computer to update an ongoing fitness report. It will hold seven days of reports voiding the need to upload a report every day or even every few days.

This pedometer records aerobic movement. This is defined as any ten minute period of continuous aerobic activity. It will separately display a ten minute period of aerobic activity including steps and minutes walked.

This pedometer has a dual sensor that enables it to be carried in a bag or in a pocket.

Of course, it also measures distance as well as calories burned.

If you are serious about physical fitness using a walking/running program accurate record keeping is a must. Using an Omron pedometer is the only tool you will need for accurate record keeping of your progress.

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